Weird Ways to Get Arrested Abroad

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“Yes, it may be something to brag about when you get back home: you’re a tough traveller because you got arrested and lived to tell the tale, or you may get a few laughs when you tell your friends, “I got banned from this country.” But do you really want a red flag on your passport? We didn’t think so.”


Our World in a Still Frame

Travelling Politico

The cities that many of us now live in are a cornucopia of hidden travel treasures just waiting to be photographed.

It was just 2011 when the photography adventure enterprise Foto Ruta was founded in Buenos Aires, a city teaming with hidden treasures, by two adventurers, one following her wanderlust to broaden her horizons, and the other looking for a change of scenery; both meeting at a photography shoot. In just a few years Becky Hayes and Joss Mandryk have expanded their passion from Buenos Aires to London, Barcelona and Santiago.


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