Bergamo: Milan's Fairytale Sister

Essential Magazine

Like a delicate painting by one of the greats, Raphael or Giovanni Bellini, the postcard picture perfect walled town of Bergamo can aptly be described as an artistic masterpiece brought to life. Intricate architecture and tree-covered mountains that smash into the glass-like waters of Lombardy’s second largest lake set the stage for one of Italy’s greatest theatre plays, a fairytale journey through a forgotten wonderland.

48 Hours in... Bergamo

Italia! Magazine

Picture a painting of a historic cityscape by Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi or Raphael, add a dash of local charm and architecture, and a sprinkling of natural beauty, and then bring it all to life in a wood-fired oven – that’s Bergamo! Virgin trees line the Bergamo Alps mountain range that surrounds this fairytale city. Intricately carved churches and castles rise from the morning mists in this medieval landscape. And snow-capped mountains shatter the glassy smooth waters of Lake Iseo at the heart of town. Bergamo is a fairytale reminiscent of a story book.

Milan: Eating Like a Local

World Travel Magazine

Milan is a city famous for high fashion, stock markets, and a concoction of architectural styles. There is, however, another side to this city of towering gothic spires – food! Visitors to Italy tend to overlook Milan when they are in search of authentic Italian dishes exactly because the city is so famous for its fashion designers and shopping malls.

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