Aurigny - A Boutique Airline for a Personal Island

Aurigny Air Services Limited, known as Aurigny, is the flag carrier of Guernsey, the minuscule Crown Dependency floating in the English Channel. The airline is small and personal as opposed to the impersonal experiences offered by most of the larger airlines around the world.

On a recent flight between Bristol and Guernsey with Aurigny, I flew on an ATR 72-500 propeller aircraft. These aren’t the quietest of aircraft (with a constant droning sound echoing through the cabin for the whole flight), nor are they the most luxurious, but their small size allows for a more personal service from the Aurigny air hostesses.

When taking off, if you’re lucky enough to sit near the propellers as I was, you can see the blades increasing in speed (and noise) as the cabin shudders as it quickly leaves the runway. During the flight the small size of the cabin (just 72 seats) means that you can actually hear the hostesses and pilots making their announcements over the speakers, unlike on many larger aircraft. There is also no need to wait impatiently for the drinks trolley to bring your complimentary coffee, tea or soft drinks, as it takes a matter of minutes for the trolley to pass through the cabin.

The seats themselves are quite comfortable, and the leather isn’t too slippery. The leg room is adequate enough for a flight that lasted less than an hour, and the positioning of the windows in relation to the seats ensures that you have the best views outside as the clouds pass by like a blanket carrying the aircraft to its destination.


There’s also no waiting around to get off the aircraft either. Luckily it was dry when I was flying with Aurigny, because the stairs leading to the door were a little steep.

Sometimes travelling to the aircraft in a bus adds to the excitement of the flight, and with Aurigny’s ATRs you get this experience at Bristol. In Guernsey passengers walk to the aircraft alongside an eerily quiet runway with endless views across open fields and forests. Definitely an unforgettable experience that gave me a first insight into what was to come in this pint sized Channel Island.

The airline flies the following routes:

Guernsey to UK

Guernsey – Bristol

Guernsey – London Gatwick

Guernsey – Manchester

Guernsey – East Midlands

Guernsey – Southampton

Guernsey – Leeds/Bradford

Guernsey – London Stansted


Guernsey – Alderney

Guernsey – Jersey

Guernsey to France

Guernsey – Dinard

Guernsey – Grenoble

I would like to thank Aurigny for offering me press flights for my press visit to Guernsey between 26/10 and 29/10 between Bristol and Guernsey. However, all opinions remain my own. Flights can be booked on, with return flights starting at £98 between the UK and Guernsey.

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