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From the Highest Heights

National Geographic Traveller Magazine

Doing as the monks do in a Greek World Heritage-listed mountain range is not as simple as it may seem.

Souk Style

Food and Travel Arabia Magazine

The Middle East is famous for its mystical souks, where tantalising smells lure visitors deeper into the mesmerising lanes and alleyways of these historic marketplaces.

48 Hours in... Bergamo

Italia! Magazine

Picture a painting of a historic cityscape by Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi or Raphael, add a dash of local charm and architecture, and a sprinkling of natural beauty, and then bring it all to life in a wood-fired oven – that’s Bergamo!

Hygge and Fika: Relaxation Scandi Style

WOW Magazine (WOW Air Inflight)

Picture a steaming cup of black coffee sitting beside a rich, buttery pastry on a heavy wooden table beside a window looking out onto a busy high street. When you imagine this how do you feel?

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